What makes us different?

Universal Tobacco LTD. has been able to consolidate its position with single minded focus on continuous value creation for consumers through significant product innovation, creating & bringing to market innovative product designs, maintaining consistent superior quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, superior marketing and distribution.

With consumer and consumer insights driving strategy
Universal Tobacco LTD. has been able to market for the long-term, by developing and delivering contemporary offers to the changing attitudes and aspirations of the constantly evolving consumer. In this way, it has managed to become a major cigarette manufacturer.

Since its establishment, Universal Tobacco LTD. has had a positive impact on the region’s economy in various fields. One of these fields is employment. Today, directly and indirectly 3000 employees are working at Universal Tobacco LTD. to add value to the region’s economy every day.

Quality Standads.

At Universal Tobacco LTD. our ambition is to deliver highly reliable products based on carefully controlled design verification protocols and rigorous manufacturing standards.

Our approach to product reliability starts with our farmers and suppliers. We work with them to secure high-quality raw materials, applying robust procurement processes, auditing, and quality procedures. All ingredients and materials we source must comply with applicable regulations, our internal standards, our Responsible Sourcing Principles, and Good Agricultural Practices.

Our factories are all designed to ensure we manufacture our products to the highest quality standards. This includes, for example, the careful selection of materials in contact with the semi-finished and finished products during manufacturing and the delivery of appropriate training to operators. Our manufacturing and Shamlan Tobacco’s rigorous quality management system are subject to inspections by authorities and certified bodies.

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